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We are waiting for your comments regarding our activity Also, any suggestions you might have of improvement are always welcome. Thank you!


B Leonard Bardan Adi Baican Ninel Băcescu Nicolae Băcănaru Gabriel Bărăscu Darius Bistriceanu Dan Bojincă Doru Brânzan dr. Sevastian  Bunăiaşu C Lucian Cinteză Sabin Cornoiu Doru Cojocaru Tiberius-Octavian Crăciun D Cătălin Dascălu Liviu-Iulian Dobreanu Cosmin Dodenciu Ion Dodenciu Aurel Dumitru Ioan Dumitrescu dr. Marian Dumitrescu A. Marian Dumitrescu E Florin Encescu F Alexandru Flămându G Cristian [...]

The activity of County Public Service Salvamont Gorj is conducted in a very extended mountaineous terrain,  in a very complex and diversified area, as far as the possible tourist activities are concerned, the traditional activities specific to high altitude, pasture settlements, as well as the economic activities from the mountain and sub-mountain areas. read more

We are responsible for an area of huge speleological potential, more than 2000 caves and vertical caves. This is the reason that we have focused our activity to speleological rescues as well, from the very beginning, being aware of the possibility of accidents in the speleological underground environment. read more

Ever since our first years of activity we have cooperated with A.L.A structures, then with civil protection units, in training exercises or real cases to rescue peoples or save assets from natural disasters, civil accidents or work related incidents, thus the mountain rescue equipment being of wide use in these cases too. read more

The necessity of rescues in canyons, mountain laes and rivers, or caves with active galleries, made it essential that we trained for rescues in aquatic environments. The Gorj rescuers are certified as aquatic rescuers. read more

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